The advancing summers are burning the city and the water crisis has already started bothering us.This is also showing impact on the construction world which has been depending upon water for effective quality of concretes and plasters.With modern day construction evolving at a rapid pace, builders are looking for cost-effective and environment-friendly ways to drive long-lasting construction that can address these issues and deliver exemplary performance. This is why we at Green Build Products specialize in ‘green’ products. They not only make the real estate development process more efficient but also care for preserving nature’s resources from being wasted

One such innovative product we offer is BuildFast+. The wet mix adhesive is the perfect answer to trim down water wastage and still enable high-quality self-curing for best results.  It comes in extremely handy for laying blocks. With the wet mix, you can get a cost effective substitute for cement and mortar. Its constituents ensure that once applied it forms a strong bond with air curing.

As a result, the curing happens a lot faster than traditional water-based curing. This not only enhances the speed of construction, but the on-site water used in traditional curing need not be wasted. By saving this huge volume of water needed for curing, we are trying to do our bit for preserving the environment and saving water.

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BuildFast+ Advantages

While the market has experience dry mix mortars ,the requirement of water for mixing still remains constant.Moreover the mixing is not controlled on site and affects the water cement ratio which ultimately takes a toll on the quality .

With BuildFast+ which is a ready to apply ,wet mix composite adhesive these issues do not exist .The unique air curing process of the wet mix makes it possible for the Engineer to avail of multiple advantages –

  1. Eco- friendly
    The huge amount of water wasted on curing cement and mortar is a tremendous loss. The water might have been better utilized if water curing was not needed for the mortar. This is the exact value proposition offered by BuildFast+.The adhesive wet mix employs air curing for strengthening the composition after application on the brick blocks. This is the reason why more and more real estate developers are going for the eco- friendly products offered by us at Green Build Products.
  2. Saves labour
    If your labour works on daily wage model, then be assured that the quick curing action of BuildFast+ can be a great way to save on daily wages. Additionally, it is easy to apply and hence saves manual efforts laying it over the block.You don’t even need specialized labourer for this work. The application of the wet mix product doesn’t need trained hands to work on it. Any mason who works on wall construction can use BuildFast+ effectively and productively.
  3. Incredible ROI
    When your cost overheads on water procurement and daily wages go down due to the speedy air curing process of the product, you can avail of amazing ROI on your real estate development project.Be it a commercial space, a multi-storey apartment or a single housing unit, the strong adhesive nature of the product makes it possible to deliver superior strength and resilience. As a valuable substitute to mortar, it saves a lot of money needed for mortar or cement procurement.

Avail of the better bonding strength of BuildFast+ and save labour, water, time, and energy in real estate construction. Call us to know more about features of the innovative product.

Advantages of Build Fast+
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