We are not ‘green’ by name .We are truly green by our thinking,acts and approach for sustainable development. It is not sufficient to use some recycled raw material or reduce some harmful ingredient and call a product green.

Products that are green need to have ‘cradle to cradle’ approach i.e what happens to the products from the source,application and after completion of its productive life.It is important that all the green products are evaluated with this approach and certified and validated by experts and authorities.

These evaluations also help us to truly understand how green we are and also educate the clients in understanding how to identify the real ‘green’ product.The users of green products enjoy various benefits in terms of points which help in tax benefits,subsidies and Green Certification while improving their image.


Greenpro certification by CII -IGBC

The greenpro certification by CII -IGBC has assessed all our products with cradle to cradle approach at par with international standards.The life cycle approach in evaluating the products for ‘green ness’ is very holistic and facilitates the projects in right selection of green building materials.

We are proud to announce that we have met all the parameters of green measures in product design ,raw materials,the manufacturing process, products performance during the use and the recycling or the disposal .

All our products are certified as green are we are the achievers of ‘greenpro’ certificate. This has indeed helped us to achieve a great landmark in our development and sense of pride in being the leaders in green building materials.

Using our greenpro certified products will ensure that the projects will earn platinum  points .


We are certified as ‘green products’ – Greenpro
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