Do you think that learning the ways of environment friendly living is difficult? No, it is much easier than we think.  There is no need to change everything upside down. All we need to do is to start making small changes in our lifestyle, and we  will experience better environment.

We need to ensure that every change is sustainable and it becomes part of our life. Several people worldwide are part of this movement, and every day new members are getting added to the club.

better environment

Here are a few simple, yet effective practices.

Go Green

Do not get mistaken by the word. Going Green doesn’t mean that we need to leave all the creature comforts and alter our lifestyle completely.

It is, on the other hand, a change in the attitude of making conscious choices. we should prefer reusable material instead of disposables.  For example, carrying a water bottle instead of buying bottled water is a better choice.If we see the earlier generations,this concept of recycling was a simple family practice.The old jeans were inherited by younger siblings ,school books,uniforms,removing blank papers from the notebooks before disposing the used notebooks,shoes and many such simpler things ,that did not get in the way of hygiene and cleanliness,but translated into savings …..not only money ,but ‘resources’

Today we have forgotten these things. Parents want brand new bags,books,dresses,raincoats everything for their kids and later kids get used to this forgetting that recycling is a good habit and not -budget cutting

We should try to conserve things instead of giving preference to the immediate convenience.

Reduce paper for better environment

Yes, paper not only contributes to more than half of the solid waste, but it consumes enormous resources during the production process.

Practice making handy crafted scrap books,’to do ‘list booklets with the half used papers,one sided papers,invitation cards,left over pages from old notebooks and gift them to your friends,guests and use it for yourself will practice Origamy and do a favour to yourself.

Thus, by reducing the use of paper, you can participate in creating a better environment. Avoid unnecessary prints,photocopies,multiple copies ,print both sides,reduce font size,and go digital.

Become techno-savvy 

Yes, going techno-savvy is the best way to benefit the environment. Substitute all your conventional filing system with digital media.

Scan physical documents for quicker and more convenient access. Reduce office space, reduce electricity and air-conditioning requirements and bring a visible difference in the power bill.

The less power you use, the higher is the environmental benefit.

If at all you need to use paper, shred and recycle after use

Statistics reveal that only half of used paper gets recycled worldwide. In India, the percentage must be further less. Hence, make a habit of shredding paper instead of throwing it into the trash bin. Send the shredded paper to a recycling agency.

It brings two advantages. Firstly, when you shred papers, there is no possibility of leaking out confidential information. Secondly, the shredded paper makes the process of recycling easy.

Don’t miss a single chance of conservation

Experts say that the sense of environment conservation should be in the DNA. It means you should always be aware and alert for it. Do not miss a single chance of saving your surroundings.

When it becomes a part of living, you need not put extra efforts for it. You will very soon realize that it comes automatically.

By paying attention to every act of the day-to-day affair, you can achieve high levels of conservation. Do not take the burden of it. Just aim to achieve new heights, and you will get success.

Conservation of environment is a matter of compulsion and not choice. It is our collective responsibility.

Practice 4 ‘R’ – Reduce,Reuse,Recycle and Recover.

Changing practices for better environment
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