In the past, human beings were essentially a part of nature. However, the social and cultural development over the ages resulted in man’s conflict with nature. His unending greed has caused a great deal of damage to the environment and all of his efforts to establish mastery over the environment have only, unfortunately, contributed to increased dependence. In fact, man’s ruthless and un-thoughtful exploitation of nature has vastly altered the ecosystems around the world.

Green Construction Materials

The primary requirements of man are food, shelter, and clothing in that order. The unprecedented growth in population has led to a tremendous increase in demand for man’s primary requirements. The result is unprecedented increases in generation and consumption of energy, construction activities, and manufacturing activities. This, in turn, is depleting natural resources such as fossil fuels, water, and minerals faster than ever before.

The contribution of the construction sector to the depletion of natural resources has been tremendous. This is because cement required for construction activities is to be manufactured in huge quantities, sand is to be mined from river beds to ensure quality, and water, a scarce natural resource, is to be used in large amounts for mixing cement mortar and curing purposes.

The increase in demand and shortage of construction materials have driven up the costs to astronomical levels, making housing unaffordable for ordinary people. As a result of the increase in prices of construction materials, builders are forced to make huge capital investments and recover them only over longer periods of time. Ultimately, the burden has to be borne by builders to some extent and owners to a greater extent.

All these developments have forced the construction sector to look for alternative building products, green construction materials, and sustainable ways of construction. Green Build Products, based out of Pune, India, has done some pioneering work in this direction and are specialists in the manufacture of green construction materials. The company makes available unique self-curing products that enable hassle-free construction and help to save huge amounts of water.

The company set up by Shilpa and Pradeep Joshi in 2005 has not only received global recognition but also patents for their unique products. The green construction materials from Green Build Products are made out of waste and environmental pollutants such as fly ash and other renewable resources. The company’s construction solutions enable the construction sector to substitute the traditional building materials partly or wholly with their unique products, simplify the construction process, and reduce construction costs.

The Green Series products from Green Build Products eliminate the need to use cement, river sand, and water for construction purposes. Made of recycled waste, the company’s green construction products are available in the form of Ready-to-Use Wet Mix and Pre-polymerized pastes. There is no need to use water for curing. Curing happens at the time of drying. This results in huge savings in water, labour, energy, time, and construction costs. As cement, riverbed sand, and water is not required to be used, these products reduce the building’s Carbon Footprint and ensure Crack-free and Moisture-free walls.

Construction Without Cement, Sand, And Water
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