Environment conservation is the buzzword in the modern era. Not only business owners, industrialists, and entrepreneurs but everybody in the society is concerned about it. Studies indicate that CO2 emission is the critical most aspect that people should be concerned about. Reduction in the carbon footprint by using eco-friendly building materials improves the environment and helps in bringing down the average temperature.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

To your surprise, construction business contributes 20% of the overall CO2 emissions. It is a big number indeed. Looking at the increasing demand, it may increase further. Especially, in rapidly developing countries like India, the surge in demand for residential and commercial construction will be quite sharp in the coming decade.

It is needless to say that construction industry needs excellent Eco-Friendly building materials that causes  minimum harm to our surroundings. Thankfully, we have a wide range at Green Build Products that are environment friendly as well as superior to  conventional products in strength and sturdiness.

Green Build is a reputed name in construction material known for world-class products and excellent customer support. The company brings a whole array of Eco-Friendly Building Materials in two categories; GWC Series and Jotex Series.

GWC Series Building Materials

Products under this category are Green Construction solutions developed after thorough research and development. The products are based on innovative technology of construction without the hassles of using sand, cement, and water.

It is a ready-to-use Wet-Mix. Due to the unique composition and chemical properties, this material gets cured by drying only. Thus, saves 100% water, time and operational costs.

Since the products don’t contain sand, cement and water, they can be called 100% Eco-Friendly Building Materials.

Jotex Series Building Materials

Products under this category are wall protection solutions. Like GWC products, these are also made from recycled stuff.

These eco-friendly products do not need water for applying, and they cure by drying only. Jotex series products are in the form of ready-to-use wet mix and pre-polymerized pastes.

Green Build is the leader in producing Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Green Build is the leading name in the field of construction materials. The Pune based company has done a commendable job in the long journey of 12 years in environment conservation by introducing a long array of environment-friendly products.

The company has got many awards and recognition and the products are acclaimed by all leading builders and developers in India and abroad.

Know About Our Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Build Fast Plus

It is a GWC Series product which makes the masonry work pretty easy. The biggest strength of Build Fast Plus is convenience. Just open the jar, pour and start using.

You save on construction cost, you save on water requirement, and you save the environment as well. If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternate for conventional cement and mortar mix, then there is nothing better than Build Fast Plus.

Green Repair

It is 100% safe pre-mixed eco-friendly material which offers better efficiency and strength than the conventional cement mix.

Green Repair gets merged with the existing material, and there are no shabby joints once the material gets cured.

You don’t need water for pre-wetting and curing. Due to the excellent shelf life of 120 days in normal conditions, it is a superb bonding material.

Since it is a smooth, viscous paste; it is quite easy to apply. It gives smooth finishing after curing. Green Repair is a GWC Series product.

Green Grout

Are you looking for grouting mortar which is better than conventional products? If yes, then Green Grout is the ideal thing for you. It is the best grout mix offered by Green Build in their product range GWC Series.

This smart, wet mix grouting mortar is easy to use, and it saves valuable resources. You don’t need water for making a mix, and it also dries quickly.

No curing required for this and the finishing of the surface is remarkably better than other products.

You can use the mix within eight to ten hours after opening. The leftover material can also be used. The product composition of Green Grout makes it one of the best Eco-Friendly Building Materials available at affordable price.


It is one of the most sought products in the Jotex product range. Polyplaster is greatly acclaimed by interior decorators, builders, and architects. It is a superior surface-coating solution which is sustainable against harsh climatic variations.

Polyplaster is made from high-quality compatible stuff, and the acrylic base makes it the ideal plastering solution for every surface.

It is the need of the day to use Eco-Friendly Building Materials in construction. Whether it is new construction project or renovation, Polyplaster is ideal in every situation.


It is a world-class Acrylic Texture coating offered in the product range Jotex by GreenBuild.

“Waves” is an outstanding mix which offers smooth protective coating and a widespread range of natural fillers.

You can use rollers to apply it, and there is no need of hiring specialists for it. This eco-friendly product makes the surface smooth and fills the cracks. It extends the life of the wall.

Incredible bonding strength and an unlimited variety of textures make it among the best Eco-Friendly Building Materials available today.


Nowadays people prefer acrylic surface coating because it is easy to use and rated high in the category of Eco-Friendly Building Materials.

If you need 1.5 to two-millimeter thickness on the wall, then Freelancer is the ideal choice. Not only it gives a good finish, but it is greatly compatible to every surface.

Applying Freelancer is easy, and you do not need any specialist to apply it. Any moderately skilled person can do it.

Freelancer is washable and crack-free. It is water resistant and effectively controls the outbreak of algae and fungus. Thus, it is equally effective for the interior and exterior surfaces of the building.

Choose among the broad range of eco-friendly products offered by Green Build and contribute reducing carbon footprint!

Eco-Friendly Building Materials