The Ecorender self curing plaster provides dual advantages of strong build quality and elimination of water wastage. The innovative building construction products can be applied on the bricks or block of diverse shapes and sizes. It saves an immense amount of water, time, and worker efforts needed in traditional plastering process.

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Green Build Products places a premium on the principles of reuse, recycle, and regenerate. This is why the self curing plaster is a vital product in our construction material product lineup. The plaster need not be cured with a lot of water as applicable in the conventional plastering process. The result is a superior work of plastering that enables high durability and better adhesive strength.

Why go for Ecorender+ Wet Mix Plaster?

Some of the USP points that work in favor of the Ecorender+ Wet Mix Plaster include

  1. Self Curing – No post curing water wastage as it doesn’t require additional water to set
  2. Manpower savings – The worker need not cure it continuously with water, thus, saving both labour and water costs
  3. Clean process – The onsite construction premises remains clean by using the pre-mix self-curing plaster in the brick laying work
  4. Eco friendly – The green process saves wastage of valuable water resources and thus brings down carbon footprint. With increasing scarcity of water, this is our way to say that we care for the environment
  5. Better application – The solution can be prepared easily thanks to the water retention ability of the product. It also makes application on the bricks faster
  6. Superior build –  The consistency in material and quality means that application becomes a breeze and final output is seamless
  7. Zero specialties needed – The plaster doesn’t need specialized skill or tools. Any mason can use the same conventional tools to apply the mix on the walls.
  8. Versatile – Be it gypsum plaster, putties or paints, the Ecorender+ Wet Mix Plaster can be used as a protective back coat for a wide range or surface treatments.
  9. Better strength – Due to the self curing process, the wall surface’s adhesive strength is increased dramatically. This leads to a longer and better lasting wall
  10. Less water ingress – With almost no cracks after plastering, water seepage is reduced and hence improves the strength as well as the life of the wall
  11. Minimal shrinkage – With negligible shrinkage, there are no cracks that appear on the surface. This prevents water ingress and eliminates the chances of fungal growth

With these benefits, you can utilize the eco friendly product to save on overheads of natural and human resources. You can apply this mix on any type of wall – flyash brick, AAC block, cement block, clay brick or hollow brick). This means that the practical usage of the Ecorender self curing plaster is extended significantly to cover most of the construction sites in India.

Connect with us at Green Build Products to know more about the adhesive properties and self curing advantages provided by the Ecorender+ Wet Mix Plaster.

Ecorender+ Wet Mix Plaster
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