The construction sector has been predominantly male dominated sector from ages. Due to the nature of work and tough working conditions, it is not considered suitable for women. There has been a sizable contribution of women as laborers, though.

As far as higher work profiles such as mason, supervisor or contractor are concerned, women are rarely seen.

If we want to increase the percentage of women in the overall human resources required in the construction sector, it is critically important to change the working conditions.

Apart from rugged work conditions, several other aspects prevent women from entering the field.

How Green Build Products Empowers Women

Why do women not get a significant opportunity in the construction business?

Well, the mindset of the people is more responsible for it than the actual difficulties. Today, women are participating in every field and performing well in areas that are considered male-dominated for ages. Hence, construction business should also not be an exception to it.

With new-age material and practices coming in, we can offer ample opportunities to women. Easy to use construction material and readymade things make the process simple.

Automation of work and use of pre-mixed stuff also reduces human intervention in the construction process.

GreenBuild brings innovative and useful products that make the work environment on work site easy for female resources.

GBP employs and empowers women

Innovative construction products by Green Build have been developed with the intention of reducing the complexity of construction process. The ready-to-use material brings a revolution in the way it is done on the construction sites.

In the simplified scenario, women find it much more convenient and easy to manage masonry work and other processes.

Helpers are usually women; hence, there is a good rapport between the groups. Experts say that as these new-age materials gain further popularity, it will be possible to recruit more women in the construction work.

Thus, Green Build plays extremely important role in empowering women in India. GBP empowers women who can actively take part in purely male-dominated work areas such as construction business.

Green Build products are free from hazardous chemicals

It is  well-known that conventional construction material contains several chemicals and heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury which is extremely harmful for health.

Especially, for women the hazardous impacts are long-lasting and disastrous. These harmful chemicals cause severe health problems and reproductive issues. Long-term exposure of such chemicals is not recommended for women at all.

Green Build empowers women in the construction industry by introducing revolutionary construction material that contains no toxic elements, heavy metals or any other toxic volatile organic compounds.

Each product is tested thoroughly and found safe and OK for human health. Thus, it promotes participation of women in other profiles such as construction engineers, supervisors or mesons.

They are no longer restricted to the lower profile jobs.

User-friendly products introduced by GreenBuild create a revolution in the construction world. Based on the feedback of users, it comes out with further useful products.




How Green Build Products Empowers Women
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