Water curing is an important aspect of the traditional real estate construction process.

Water plays very crucial role in strength gaining process of cement through hydration.The cement water ratio is extremely important and inadequate curing can result into crack generation on surfaces.As such adequate water curing after masonry work and plastering is extremely important.

It is obvious that a huge volume of water is needed to accomplish water based curing. Looking at the scarcity of water resources in India, this becomes a highly wasteful overhead for the construction industry. In order to overcome this issue, innovative companies like Green Build Products have come up with innovative construction materials.

Be it the wet mix adhesive that uses air curing or environment friendly wet mix plasters ,these eco-friendly products will conserve valuable natural resources like water and yet aid in durable and long lasting construction.

waterless construction

Advantages offered by the product lineup of Green Build Products

The various solutions for waterless construction for masonry, repairs, and plasters is what makes the Green Build portfolio so unique and distinct. Cement production is a known trigger of global warming but is a critical element in traditional construction projects. At Green Build Products our goal was singular – To protect the environment in an impactful way.

Waterless construction – The Patented technology of construction without cement sand and water

All our products are manufactured using patented technology that allows builders to carry out real estate contraction without cement, sand, and water. These products offer the same finishing, effectiveness, and less efforts as compared to traditional products used in construction.

Eco- friendly

It is evident that immense water wastage occurs when curing mortar and cement. But with the new-age products form Green Build, it becomes easy. You can be environmentally sensitive while still carrying out a superior construction work on your project.

Accelerated construction possible

The wet mix technology comprises of pre-prepared mixes and cures for different types (and surfaces) applications. With these wet mix products, the curing process (of hydrating the concrete till its sets in completely) is fast tracked substantially. What normally takes weeks to set in (in the case of water curing) would take only a few days in the case of Green Build’s products. This presents an incredible ROI to the company employing our products.

Universal applicability

Be it the EcoRender+ (self-curing Wet Mix Plaster for facades without the need for water dilution) or Green Grout (wet mix grouting mortar which doesn’t require pre-wetting or post curing), all products eliminate the need for water at different stages of construction – thus providing phenomenal savings in the volume of water needed overall.

These advantages show how Green Build saves 100% water on construction sites. The range of products developed at Green Build is a result of our conscious efforts to keep the environment clean and save natural resources like water.

How Green Build saves 100% water on construction sites