Conservation of the environment we live in is essential for sustainability. Governments of countries, industrialists, business owners, entrepreneurs, and people, in general, are concerned about the ecological damage being caused by unavoidable development activities. Studies show that carbon dioxide emissions are on the rise and it is important to use eco-friendly building materials to reduce the carbon footprint and global warming. Studies have also revealed that the contribution of the construction sector is about 20 percent of the overall carbon dioxide emissions. In a developing country like India, there is a huge demand for construction of residential and commercial buildings and this is only likely to further contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Green Wall Protection Products

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

The Pune based Green Build Products specializes in the development and manufacture of eco-friendly building materials from waste products and environmental pollutants such as fly ash and other renewable material. They are superior to traditional products in terms of strength and sturdiness. The GWC Series products are Green Construction solutions that do not need cement, sand, and water. The Green Wall Protection Products are available as ready-to-use Wet Mix and Pre-polymerized pastes. They cure by drying. They help save the scarce resources water and river sand, bring down operational costs, and speed up the construction process.

On the other hand, the Jotex Series products are green wall protection products. Like GWC Series products, they are also made using recycled material. They do not need water at the time of applying them to the walls and curing happens when they are dry. Jotex Series products also come in ready-to-use wet mix form and as pre-polymerized pastes. Read on to know more about these green wall products:

Jotex Series Green Wall Protection Products


Majicoat which can be used to provide superior quality protective surface coating consists of an acrylic copolymer base and natural fillers. It minimizes the effort required to prepare the walls for painting and is washable. It can be directly applied on plastered internal walls to fill up the cracks and level the surface. The surface will also have a longer life. Majicoat Priming, Putty, and Top Coat are available in different shades and in premium silk finish.


The pre-polymerized and resin based product is powered by pigments and additives and pigments to improve the finish of exterior and interior wall surfaces. Available in a variety of colours, the ready-to-use product could be directly applied on RCC surfaces or walls. It provides a long-lasting finish because of its composition and it is washable. It is easy to apply and provides a smooth matte finish that enhances the appearance of the building.


Polycryl is 100 percent acrylic emulsion. It forms a uniform and thin coating on the wall surface and withstands even harsh climatic conditions. The water-resistant and breathable Polycryl coating is ideal for various new and old walls and surfaces. It minimizes the growth of mould, algae, and fungus. Polycryl is particularly effective in preventing the surface from flaking and chalking.


Primax, an acrylic emulsion primer, is effective on all surfaces and offers excellent finish as well as superior protection. The premium quality primer seals gaps and cracks and creates a smooth ultra-thin layer of coating, providing protection against changing climatic conditions. As the gaps and cracks get filled completely, you can save a lot of money on expensive paint.


As one of the most effective acrylic coating solutions, HRC offers excellent heat reflection property. A uniform HRC coat covers minor cracks and provides protection against natural elements. The product enables the moisture present within the walls to come out through capillary action and evaporate. It is the change in temperature in the surrounding area and moisture content within the walls that cause chalking and flaking. HRC effectively controls both and prevents the growth of fungi, mould, and algae.


If you want to provide shine and lustre for your wall surfaces, then it is important to apply putty before painting. The green wall protection product Fairwall which comes as a wet mix can be used as putty. The pre-polymerized, wet mix fills small cracks makes the surface even and smooth. The acrylic, water-resistant putty is easy to apply. As it has low VOC, it is ideal for any type of application.


The emulsion coating Exterol-D can be applied either using a brush or by spraying. It is dirt resistant and water repellent. It works well both on pre-coat façade and uncoated façade. Cleaning is easy after applying Exterol-D. This is because it provides a smooth, non-greasy coat. As it repels water, flaking and chalking are eliminated. The product is best suited for factories and buildings located near highways.


StoneMagik is a high-quality acrylic emulsion. It is to be applied with the help of a trowel. It withstands variations in weather conditions. It is suited for both exterior and interior surfaces because of its dirt resistance and good breathing capacity. If you apply two layers, it hides even two millimetres cracks.


Architects, builders, and interior decorators prefer this eco-friendly product for providing protective surface coating as it withstands changing climatic conditions. The natural mineral fillers present in it effectively resist dirt.


AcryStrech, an acrylic emulsion, forms a uniform coat on the surface and covers cracks that are up to 3 millimetres wide. An Acrystrech coat is equally effective on new and old surfaces. As the coat dries, the surface starts repelling water, protecting it from fungus and mould.


Freelancer provides a coat of 1.5 millimetres to 2.0 millimetres thickness on a surface. When used, the Freelancer protects the surface from the impact of weather changes. This Green Wall Protection Product is water and crack resistant, and is washable. It can be applied on all kinds of exterior and interior surfaces using a trowel.

Green Build which has pioneered the manufacture of green self-curing products to enable hassle-free construction and save water. The company has won many accolades for their patented products.

Green Wall Protection Products