As the demand for residential and commercial properties rises with  enormous speed in big cities like Pune, we see new buildings and towers getting added to the skyline almost daily.

Building construction puts enormous pressure on resources and water is the biggest victim. Yes, huge quantity of water to erect enormous buildings, villas, and towers.

The time has come to think about using innovative construction material that offers the same levels of stability and strength without putting natural resources under threat.

Yes, there is a need for innovative construction materials which are not inferior to the traditional material and cause minimal burden on ecology.

Innovative Construction Materials

Green Build brings solutions for high-class construction without using water

Green Build looks at the conventional construction process objectively and realizes that there are various shortcomings in the traditional approach.

  • Traditional construction method relies predominantly on cement, which puts a great burden on the natural resources.
  • It requires sand which is extracted from the rivers and ocean.
  • Conventional method requires loads of water. You need it to make the mortar, you need it for plastering and then to settle down the plaster.

Hence, Green Build introduces innovative building solutions that help in fulfilling the ever increasing demand without causing damage to the precious natural resources.

The Green Build approach

  • It works to offer construction products that are GREEN and help our country in reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Each product is developed with the objective of saving priceless natural resources which are limited and finite.
  • The efforts are to develop products which are harmless to the environment and reusable.
  • To make products that makes the best use of waste so that the load on waste disposal gets reduced.
  • To improve construction process by offering clean construction methods

Unique and Innovative Construction Materials

Each of the products made by Green Build follows the fundamental objective of promoting eco-friendly construction. The products are a substitute to the traditional construction material either partially or completely.

Not only they simplify the construction process but also bring down the costs in a considerable manner. By using industrial waste in making the innovative products, it helps in reducing environmental pollutants as well.

They are made from fly ash, pond ash, and bottom ash and contain no cement. The material is ready-to-use, and it doesn’t need water for pre-wetting, mixing or curing.

Versatility and wide spectrum of application

Products offered by Green Build are not only innovative but applicable in the whole range of construction scenarios. It is possible to build structures that are equally strong and stable as conventional stuff.

You can use the innovative construction material for construction, repair, and maintenance. It is easy to use, economic and hassle-free.

When you need safe, non-hazardous and echo-friendly construction material, nothing can replace the new-age innovative construction materials by Green Build.

Innovative Construction Materials
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