Jotex Series Majicoat

Are you looking for a superior quality surface coating that can offer several types of natural fillers? Majicoat is the best choice. Wall preparation and painting become amazingly easy now. Open the bin and apply on the plastered wall directly to create a base and fill the cracks.

Leveling and finishing of the surface are daunting tasks. However, Majicoat makes it easy. The coating lasts long and it is washable and breathable.

It is available in a wide range of colors in roller and silk finish. MajiCoat is the new-age surface coating material.

It is Acrylic Co-polymer Emulsion with large coverage. Self priming ability and makes is cost-effective.

Jotex Series PolySeal

PolySeal is pre-polymerized resin based product powered by additives and pigments to improve finishing of exterior and interior surfaces. It is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

This ready-to use product can be applied directly on the walls or RCC surfaces. Its composition makes it a long-lasting finish. You get a broader coverage. The surface coated by PolySeal can be washed without any hassles.

PolySeal is a premium wall finish of superior quality. Your walls get a smooth matt finish, and the appearance of your house, office or shop gets enhanced manifold.

Easy to apply, economical solution PolySeal gives the best value for money. Architects and interior decorators prefer PolySeal for all types of interior and exterior surfaces.

Jotex Series Polycryl

This 100% acrylic emulsion forms a thin, uniform film on the surface. The formula is designed for better sustainability in harsh climatic conditions.

Since it is a water-resistant and breathable coating, it is ideal for all varieties of surfaces and walls; new and old. It keeps the walls clean by minimizing the growth of mold, fungus, and algae. Save a few bucks by choosing this cost-effective product.

It is particularly effective to prevent the surface from chalking and flaking. The beauty of your wall increases by making the minor cracks invisible.

It is an easy-to-use solution. You don’t need skilled human resources. Anybody can use it without any hassles.

Jotex Series Primex

Jotex Primax fulfills the priming needs of your walls by offering excellent finish and superior protection. This Acrylic Emulsion Primer is just perfect for all surfaces.

Since it is a premium quality primer, Primex bridges the gaps and seal the cracks excellently. It creates a smooth, continuous protective layer on the walls so that they get least impacted by the climatic change.

Primex creates an ultra thin layer on the walls. Hence, you save cost on expensive paint.

Apply this acrylic based emulsion primer to get better-quality protection.

Jotex Series HRC

HRC is one of the best acrylic-based coating solutions that offer excellent heat reflecting capability. It forms a uniform coat that covers minor cracks and the effects of weather.  The solution helps the water within the walls to come out and evaporate.

Flaking and chalking happen because of the change in the moisture and temperature in the surroundings.  HRC controls it quite a large extent. Since it reduces the temperature by at least five degrees, the product is ideal for increasing air-conditioning efficiency.

Best in the category water repellence capacity of HRC keeps the growth of fungi, mold, and algae under control.

Properties like low VOC, cost-effectiveness, and ease of application make it ideal for domestic and industrial use.

Jotex Series Waves

Acrylic texture coating is quite popular nowadays. “Waves” is the outstanding product which gives continuous protective coating and a variety of natural fillers. It adds aesthetic value and brings qualitative improvement. It can be applied using rollers. You don’t need specialized skills.

The whole range of fine and coarse finishes is available to create amazing textures using their creativity and imagination.

The coating is eco-friendly, economic and useful. It bridges the cracks, increases the durability of the wall, and enhances the appearance of the surface.

When you expect excellent bonding strength and a variety of textures from an acrylic-based coating solution, “Waves” is amongst the best products.

Jotex Series Fairwall

If you want brilliant luster and shine, then you must apply putty on the surface before color. Fairwall is the wet mix pre-polymerized putty.

This ready-to-mix solution is water-based and doesn’t contain any waterborne coating. It fills the small cracks and gaps and makes the surface smooth and even.

Acrylic putty is water repellent and easy to apply. Fairwall is admired by architects and builders because it gives larger coverage and cost-effectiveness than others. This low VOC product is ideal for all types of applications and constructions.

Jotex Series Exterol-D

Exterol-D is an emulsion coating that can be applied using brush or spray. It is used for its dirt resistance properties, but it has excellent water repellent quality as well. Whether on pre coat façade or uncoated facade, it works the best.

Cleaning becomes incredibly easy after applying Exterol-D because it creates a smooth and non-greasing coating. Due to its impermeability to the moisture in the atmosphere, you save on flaking and chalking.

Buildings near highways or factories are ideal sites where Exterol-D. Water-resistant property of Exterol-D controls the growth of mold, algae or Fungi.

High sheen finish, good coating coverage, and dirt repellence are the top three properties of Exterol-D.

Jotex Series StoneMajik

Superior quality acrylic emulsion StoneMagik can be applied using a trowel. Formulation of this product is made especially to sustain change in the weather.

Dirt-resistance and excellent breathing capacity make it an ideal coating for interior and exterior surfaces. The two-layer protective texture of StoneMagik hides cracks up to two millimeters.

When you need acrylic emulsion with high elasticity and low wastage of material, StomeMagik is the best.

Jotex Series Polyplaster

PolyPlaster is preferred by architects, interior decorators, and builders because of its superior eco-friendly surface-coating solution.

Unique copolymer binders offer better sustainability against changing climatic conditions. It contains natural mineral fillers to resist dirt effectively.

It offers better binding strength and low wastage. It is eco-friendly and highly elastic. Use this highly compatible product made from graded material and enjoy the benefits of acrylic.

Jotex Series AcryStrech

What should be the critical most property of acrylic emulsion? It should sustain against weather change. Also, it should offer excellent protection against cracks and gaps.

AcryStrech is a superior product that forms a uniform coating that can cover cracks up to 3mm width. Whether the surface is new or old, it is equally effective.

The surface becomes water repellent as the AcryStrech coat gets dried. Hence, your walls remain safe from fungus and mold which occurs due to moisture,.

Use this 100% acrylic emulsion of high elasticity and high coverage area to make the interior and exterior walls waterproof. Hence, they retain their charm year after year.

Because of low VOC, high cost-effectiveness and easy application; it becomes a preferred product.

Jotex Series Freelancer

Freelancer is a high-quality acrylic surface coating of good grade polymer. You get 1.5 mm to 2 mm thickness on the surface.

Continuous protective coating of Freelancer can sustain change in the weather. Water resistance controls the growth of fungus and algae.

Washable, crack resistant Freelancer is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces. GreenBuild is known for developing eco-friendly products with higher bonding strength. Freelancer saves resources up to a great extent and produces low wastage.

It is highly compatible with all surfaces and can be applied using a trowel.

Jotex Series by Green Build Products
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