Laborers and construction workers are part and parcel of the construction industry. However, labor life quality of people in India is very different from other countries in the world. Several reasons are responsible for this dreadful condition.

Low Income is responsible for low-quality life

It is one of the biggest problems of unorganized construction labor in India. The reason of low income is quite obvious. Since there is a lack of organization, there is nobody to take care of the disparity and imbalance of wages.

Mostly the agriculture labour tends to move to construction industry .The agriculture industry has seasonal and irregular demand for labor and hence they find it more convenient to get into construction activity which is all round the year and demands no special skills.

The wages of construction labor are defined and regulated by government, but the disparity in the wages by gender difference still prevails in practice though not on paper.This is mainly due to limited opportunity for women labor on site to learn skilled jobs and upgrade themselves for better earning.

The ultimate effect is seen on the labor life quality year after year.

Illiteracy and social unawareness make things worse

Majority of construction workers are people who migrate from interior rural areas to cities in search of employment and are mostly illiterate people.

Due to limited resources and inadequate abilities and skills the life style and conditions are not very good.Though government has made regulations to ensure mobile creche ,schools for the construction workers ,but the reality is that these facilities are very limited and hence the lives of the young ones while the mother works is extremely bad.

Health related issues

The entire family lives on site in unplanned labor camps ,unless it is a corporate and large size project.The site conditions are poor in terms of sanitation,water,air and the kids are seen playing around,sleeping and eating in the mess of sand ,cement ,water ,steel and in unsafe conditions.

The nature of work is mostly heavy ,shifting materials leading to postural defects,back pains,miscarriages in early pregnancy,difficulties for women in monthly cycles resulting in heath hazards that damage the life quality.

The men also are victims of site conditions and nature of work.The air quality damages the body ,the water quality creates frequent infections and good quality medical treatments are not affordable to these people due to their financial conditions.

The mortality rate amongst construction workers is quite high, and it includes accidental deaths happening on the construction sites as well.

It is needless to say that the majority of these accidental moralities are buried, and the victims do not get compensation.

The labor life quality situation is changing

Though slowly, the change is certainly happening in our country. Efforts are being made by the government of India to correct the inconsistency. Several non-government organizations and social welfare activists form pressure groups to attract the attention of the authorities towards the difficult life of construction labor.

Several organizations work in the localities of construction workers to make them aware of the basic rights. They are informed about the importance of literacy. Schools are being run in these localities to literate their kids.

It is sure that these small, yet concrete steps will bring a positive change in the situation and unorganized construction laborers will live a much better life tomorrow.

It is more important that the industry looks upon the construction labor as an integral part of the activity and voluntarily opts for creating basic standards that can be expected labor life quality.

Labor life quality on construction sites
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