With the emphasis on timely completion of construction projects, it has become eminent to adopt New Age Construction Technologies. And with the added pressure due to buyer’s agitation, the adoption of modern construction technologies and materials has become imperative. Combating all these changes are the new and advanced construction technologies which reduce time consumption, conserves labour, save material costs and reduces environmental concerns – a vital KRA for new age construction materials supply companies like Green Build Products.

new age construction technologies

The top 5 New Age Construction Technologies are:

  1. Self-Climbing Formwork: The construction of tall vertical structures such as skyscrapers requires the use of same formwork in identical sections. The self-climbing formwork which uses mechanical or hydraulic machineries allows the pouring of concrete to form large concrete structures at once in a single pouring. The ability to adjust to the requirement of the geometry is remarkable. The patterned working system optimizes material costs, enhances the safety levels and builds seamless structures with great efficiency.
  2. Prefabricated Construction Technology: A smart method which does not require in situ concrete pouring but uses highly durable precast structures. It is produced in a controlled environment which makes it easy to control the quality of structures while simultaneously reducing the consumption of steel, labour and concrete by 30%, 50% and 20% respectively. A wide range of structures which are ready to use and just need to be installed can be made in a highly specific way to avoid hardening of concrete too fast or too slow.
  3. Aluminium Formwork Technology: This technology has successfully demonstrated its proficiency in saving time, expenditure and enhancing quality of construction. With the feature to control the quality of concrete in any component of a building, it removes the requirement of brick works in construction. It is environment friendly as it eliminates the use of traditional timber and plywood formwork which are unsuitable at high pressures. It takes 1/6th of the total time required by slab beam construction and saves 15% cost over RCC design.
  4. Drywall Systems: Acoustically insulated, less water consumption, flexible, lightweight and speedy installation are a few of the many advantages that drywall construction offers. It is an interior wall system which has a steel frame sheathed in a gypsum plasterboard. These drywalls have become highly popular due to their versatility as they can be used to partition any internal space be it residential or offices. It is also reusable and hence is very environment friendly.
  5. Building Information Modelling: A 3D model at the core is used to create a highly accurate virtual model of buildings. It allows the building of projects from beginning to the end digitally which can include details of construction management, cost, etc. All major appliances and plumbing can be included in a BIM modelling. Any changes to the layout can be added before the first step of construction.


In today’s world, surviving in the construction sector requires New Age Construction Technologies which speed up construction, conserve time and reduces energy consumption. Check out Green Build Products to know about such eco-friendly construction initiatives meant to make the world a better place to live in.

New Age Construction Technologies You Should Know About
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