The need for a clean façade gets fulfilled by Jotex Series Exterol D, the premium clear coat products offered by GreenBuild. The ease of application and their ability to provide a continuous clear shielding on the facades make these products highly applicable and effective. The protective shield provides unmatched protection from dust, dirt and other unhygienic elements.

Along with protection, these premium clear coat products are also durable and long lasting. The application takes not much time or effort, which allows professionals to quickly complete the task. You can avail of great looking and well protected exteriors with our clear coat products.

The coated facades stay protected from atmospheric moisture, which doesn’t allow the formation of flakes or chalks. And that gives a clean and beautiful appeal to the exteriors. The same ability to restrict moisture allows the coats to repel the production of fungus, molds, algae and other unhygienic components on the structures.


Advantages you achieve with our premium clear coat products

Ease of application

Applying these clear coat products is extremely easy due to the high spreadable nature they possess. These coats take not much time to apply and become a part of the exterior as a surface protector. As a result, the professionals find these products highly suitable for quality work within a less period of time.

Moisture repellent

The products enables high performance protection to the facades to avoid atmospheric moisture. This advantage is highly effective for large structures. Such large buildings become easy to maintain from the outside when they have a clear coat. The coating helps ensure zero flaking due to moisture seeping on the exteriors. As a result, the exteriors look top-notch for a long time.

Quick dirt removal

A coat on the surface repels dirt that tries to get attached to the surface. But that is not all. These protective coats add immense value when you are cleaning the exteriors. The use of water or even air pressure is enough to get rid of the dirt.

Beautiful appeal

Apart from a high degree of protection, these coats have the capacity to enhance the appeal of the facades. The protection allows the surface to stay beautiful for years. Plus, the high-quality finish gives a shiny and appealing texture to the exteriors, which enhances the visual appeal of the exterior of your property.


Our premium clear coat products from GreenBuild will help you save a lot in the long run. They have a cost-effective price. Also, their durability and superior performance will help you save various maintenance and repair costs for a long time. And that is what makes our products perfect for you.

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Premium Clear Coat Products
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