Priming, Putty, and Top Coat work are extremely important to protect the surfaces for pollutants and deliver top notch results in looks and durability. And at GreenBuild we provide you superior quality products that offer continuous protection to the surfaces through our Majicoat Priming, Putty, and Top Coat. All varieties are available right here to help you ensure the effectiveness of the priming work.

With advanced technology, our products provide a formula that makes wall creation and painting less challenging and more impactful. The coating with these products leaves no space for cracks, internal damages, or other issues. It is that same technology that also allows the wall surfaces to breathe properly, which keeps them in top shape for years. You can wash the coatings without worrying about the fading in the finish.

Priming Putty Top Coat

Green Build’s priming, putty and top coat options are available in multiple colors and shades.

Get a smooth finish with durability

Our products provide a silky smooth and consistent finish on your walls. The availability of multiple shades allows you to select one as per your specific choice. Get durability as well as even finish with Majicoat Priming, Putty, and Top Coat.

All out priming, putty and top coat products have been tested for superior performance. So, you never have to worry about the quality or the durability of that quality. Our products are sure to serve you for a long time.

Apply with no difficulty

We understand the requirement of finish and smoothness. And the application method plays an important part in that. So, we have formulated our products to become highly spreadable. Which is why it takes negligible effort to apply these products on the wall. The right tools make the process further efficient. As a result, you get to save a lot of application time without compromising the finish on the walls.

Keep the coats hidden

The blending ability of our products will help you keep the coats hidden yet well protected. This way, you get a protective layer without losing the appeal on your walls. So, the protective layers conduct the task of protection, while the paints do their job of enhancing the beauty of the walls.

Maintain your walls

Our products are the finest choices when you want to reduce the maintenance requirement of the walls. Our products protect the walls from the issues of cracks or effects of environmental conditions.

Multi-purpose use

There are various methods that can be applied using our products. You can directly use them in the coating process of the internal plasterwork. Or, you can prepare a base with these products. Also, our products allow you to create an even level on the surface or to cover cracks. All these advantages help in getting a durable wall that looks beautiful.

Get the right products now!

Let us know your priming, putty and top coat requirements at GreenBuild. We have the experience, expertise, and the products to ensure a first rate surface coating that is built to last.

Priming, Putty & Top Coat
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