Air pollution has been a major concern worldwide caused due to different reasons, and the major contributor is the construction sector. CO2, a harmful gas release is the result of extreme air pollution and is the major cause witnessed worldwide. The major cause of the increase in the carbon in the air is due to harmful chemicals released by industries and construction sites. To be precise, construction industry adds around 1/5th of total CO2 which is much higher.

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So to overcome this issue, eco-friendly construction technologies are designed that can help to reduce air pollution. These technologies contribute in bringing down the air pollution effect and take the construction work to a whole new level.

Different Environmental-Friendly Construction Materials:

Green Buildings are the major construction witnessed presently and is a part of the contribution towards green environment. Green products are the part of this construction used worldwide. One such is the Compressed Stabilized Earth Block, a specially designed brick which doesn’t require the process of baking and firing compared to conventional bricks. These new type of bricks are made by compressing and sun drying process. Similarly, Green Wall Construction (GWC) product series is used for constructing the green building and contribute towards the reduction of air pollution.

Building Eco-Friendly Construction to Reduce Air Pollution:

One way to reduce air pollution is by using eco-friendly construction products made by professional companies. Under the GWC series, there are different products including:

  • Green Seal Wet Mix Crack Sealing Mortar: This ready to use and wet mix product is completely eco-friendly. It is easy to use the product and is suitable for every type of construction work.
  • Build Fast +: This wet mix and self-curing brick adhesive help in masonry work. Being the eco-friendly ready-to-use product, it doesn’t need dilution with water for faster result.
  • Eco Render: This self-curing Wet Mix Plaster for the construction work is completely eco-friendly and will help to reduce air pollution. The best part is the product helps in saving water, labour time and time needed for conventional mortar. In most of the green-building construction work, the eco-render product is largely used.

Controlling Air Pollution:

When it comes to curbing air pollution there are different control systems. Forward looking companies are doing their best by releasing effective systems including odour control, soluble contamination capture and others which are highly appreciated by construction companies.

Earning the Green Building Certificate:

Waterless construction or green building construction does not only help to reduce air pollution but also in getting Green Building Certification. This certificate is offered in buildings that follow complete eco-friendly construction methods. Right from fixing the first brick to complete the last leg of the construction, use of eco-friendly technologies will certainly help in contributing towards healthy environment around.


An ideal green building is the one that allows you to preserve the natural environment and also serves your purpose. During the construction of such building, it doesn’t harm the resources like land, energy, air and water around the building. In a broader sense, use of modern technologies in constructing green building allows durability and utility.

Top Technologies To Reduce Air Pollution
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