While the construction business continues to flourish in Pune and its vicinity, extending throughout the country, one rarely gives a thought to the amount of water necessary for construction work. The water used for construction is actually consumed, especially in the curing process. It often gets polluted when it mixes with cement or concrete and cannot be reused for any other purpose. It cannot even by recycled. With a mushroom growth of construction sites all over the world, one can imagine the large quantities of water being used up daily. There was a drought situation in Maharashtra in 2015 and drinking water too was scarce. Last year, the situation was not very satisfactory. One cannot predict what may happen this year. Yet, there seems to be no check on construction work which continues to flourish, water or no water. What a boon it is to get construction material that does not require water for curing!! It is eco-friendly material that is just the need of the day when mankind is depleting Mother Earth of water and other resources on a large scale.

Waterless Construction

The innovative products

Man first used leaves of trees, clay and grass for making shelters. Later on, he started building pucca houses using metal sheets, wood, bricks, cement and concrete. Huge complicated structures and sky scrapers, architectural monuments have been erected by mankind using these materials. This has been the trend for centuries. However, environmental problems fostered researchers to come up with innovative ideas that would help to preserve the environment yet, fulfil the construction needs of current times.

It is difficult to think of construction without cement, water and sand. However, the Green Series is a range of products that is based on innovative technology that does not use cement, sand and water.

Reasons for innovation in construction materials

  • Cement consumes huge quantities of water during the curing process
  • Cement adds to global warming
  • Excavation for river grade sand in river beds is unbalancing ecology
  • Water is necessary for construction whether we use sand, mortar or plaster besides cement
  • Stone quarries are also damaging ecology
  • Thousands of trees are felled each year for construction purposes. It takes years for trees to grow and produce wood. In addition, the atmosphere is being depleted of oxygen, there is soil erosion on a large scale and precipitation is affected by destroying forests. We are destroying the natural habitats of birds and animals and so many species are becoming extinct.

Green Build products for waterless construction

Green Build products are made from recycled materials. They are available in the form of ready-to-mix pre-polymerised pastes which cure by drying. Hence, there is no need to use water.

  1. Green Seal – This is a crack filling, self-drying material. It has excellent bonding strength and compatibility with all kinds of building materials. It can be applied with the conventional mason’s tools or with advanced tools like pressure gun or nozzle. It is suitable for masonry facades, RCC facades and plastered surfaces.
  2. Build-fast Plus – It is useful for all kinds of masonry work and does not need to be diluted with water. It is a ready-mix product that binds bricks or blocks for wall construction.
  3. Eco-Render Plus is a ready-to-use plaster and can be applied as a protective, water resistant back coat for Gypsum plaster, putties and paints.
  4. Green Grout – It is also a grouting mortar that is compatible with several materials. It does not create cracks at beams and borders between joints of different materials.
  5. Green Repair – It is available in the form of smooth viscous paste, has negligible shrinkage and is an excellent binder.
  6. Jotex products – This series consists of a range of products like acrylic protective wall coats etc. for protection of walls.

Advantages of waterless construction products

  • They are eco-friendly
  • They do not require water or any other additives
  • They are ready-to-use
  • They are easy to apply
  • They save time
  • They do not have to processed or mixed with any other substances in specific proportion.
  • They are energy saving
  • They have better bonding strength.
  • They do not create cracks
  • They are non-hazardous
  • There is no wastage of materials
  • They offer reduction in carbon footprint
  • Reduction in ecological footprint
  • They make clean construction possible
  • They have a longer pot life and shelf life.

Unique features of Green Build Products

  • There are no discharges during manufacturing and the water used can be recycled and reused on the premises.
  • They are free from lead, mercury and toxic components, hence very safe for applicants and for occupants.
  • One of the major ingredients is Fly-ash or Bottom ash that pollutes the environment. Hence the products reduce environmental pollution.
  • There is no release of carbon dioxide while drying, so it does not give rise to global warming.
  • The density is less, thin layers are enough, and so little quantities are required.

One cannot compromise with development by limiting the use of water. Both issues are important in their own way. Development has to be achieved by maintaining harmony with Nature. The need of the day is to discover methods of building and construction that are long-lasting, strong, safe and yet do not harm the environment.

Waterless construction products are the precise solution, a blessing for constructing business. With research and development as a constant activity along with manufacturing, innovation continues. The aim Green Build is to promote the building-construction industry by manufacturing harmless, cost-effective, eco-friendly products to compete with the global market.

Green Build has a number of prestigious awards for waterless construction and wonderful feedback from those who have used the products.

With a patent and ISO certification, the company is marching ahead in leaps. More and more customers are adopting the new products and the demands are huge from India as well as from other countries. Green Build is on its way to becoming an inevitable material in the construction line. It is a solution to a global issue and has a global demand.

There is no alternative to Green Build, the only way of waterless construction!!


Waterless Construction and its Advantages
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