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Innovation in Construction Materials


In current system of construction, cement, sand and water are the key ingredients. While cement manufacturing contributes to Global warming, the shortage of water is also an important issue to be addressed. Water is a crucial element in operations & functioning of cement products, be it mortar/plaster/concrete. The sand required for good quality building has to be graded river bed sand, which is damaging our ecology due to heavy excavations of river beds. While we say we are 'developing', in reality we are actually 'destructing' what we have.


Judicious use of water and other natural resources such as sand, labour & time is the need of the hour. We need development while maintaining harmony with nature.

Innovation in Construction Materials

In a nutshell...

The purpose of Innovation in Construction Materials is

  • To offer eco-friendly construction products which will help in reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.
  • To offer products for clean construction.
  • To save crucial natural resources such as water and river bed sand
  • To utilize alternate eco-friendly materials which do not harm nature and can be renewed to avoid depletion of other resources
  • To enable waste disposal by utilizing it for a better purpose – that is to make the BEST of WASTE!
Waterless Construction Materials


With conscious intentions of environmental ethics we at Green Build Products have developed a range of innovative eco-friendly construction products in our in-house lab, which are useful in construction systems at various stages. These products act as substitutes to existing materials wholly or partly. They also simplify the existing construction process at an affordable rate.

These construction materials are made using selective industrial wastes, environmental pollutants such as Thermal power ash, polymers and are completely free from Portland cement, river bed sand and eliminate the use of water for onsite mixing, pre-wetting and curing.
This innovative technology for building walls, plastering, repairing and maintaining helps in saving time, labour, resources such as water, sand, energy and in turn offers value addition to the quality of construction materials in different industries/sectors. The entire technology is water based, non-hazardous, and user friendly and made from recycled waste materials.

Free Environmental pollutants such as fly ash, bottom ash , pond ash which otherwise are harmful and difficult to dispose are utilized safely, to reduce the pollution. Special efforts are taken to choose ingredients which do not harm the ecology.