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Polycryl Acrylic Top Coat

JOTEX Series

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JOTEX-POLYCRYL Acrylic Top Coat is a premium quality acrylic emulsion coating, with pure acrylic emulsion, which forms a continuous film on the surface when applied. It is specially formulated for sustaining the weathering effects and can cover minor cracks up to one mm which arise in almost all newly constructed buildings due to the uneven setting of the masses and also in some old constructions due to the different coefficients of expansion of various building materials. It is a water resistant product and is breathable. This enables the water from within the walls to come out on the surface and evaporate.

POLYCRYL Acrylic Top Coat is impermeable to atmospheric moisture and prevents the surface from flaking and chalking. It has a very good hiding power and beautifies the surface with prolonged life. Due to its water repellence the product arrests growth of fungus, algae and mold etc., thus keeping the surroundings clean, hygienic, and beautiful for years.

Advantages of Polycryl
  1. 100% acrylic emulsion
  2. Excellent hiding
  3. Smooth & durable semi sheen finish
  4. Anti-algue and anti fungus
  1. Water repelent
  2. High spreadibilty
  3. Low VOC
  4. Easy Application
  5. Cost Effective
Blue Ridge with Jotex Series POLYCRYL Acrylic Top Coat