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Today the world is in desperate need of natural resources and alternatives to traditional pollution generating methods. At GBP, we have made continuous efforts to save energy and resources. By using recycled materials, we are saving a lot on manufacturing resources. Our products do not need water and are very easy for application, hence saving water and labour. Being ecofriendly we save huge amounts of carbon footprint as compared to conventional construction methods.

Savings Pie Chart Labour
Savings Pie Chart Time
Savings Pie Chart Carbon Footprint
Savings Pie Chart Water Material Qty. Saved / 100 sq.ft. construction Savings in 1000 sq.ft. flat
01 Cement 75kg to 90kg (0.67 ton to 0.8 ton) 9 tons
02 Sand 15 to 20 cft 2400 cft
03 Water 450 to 650 ltrs. (including curing) 78000 ltrs.
04 Disposal of polutants 7kg 450kg