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Social Impact

Impact towards Social Benefits Health Safety and Environmental

Water Saving
  • 100% Water Saving
  • All our products are ready to use, wet mix & no need addition of water or any chemical on site.
  • The masonry units/surface does not need any pre wetting or post curing with water.
  • The curing of product is by air drying, thus entire water in the product is evaporated & a return to environment.
  • Thus water is used only for work ability.
Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Our product has no cement. Thus, there is no release of CO2 which supports in preventing global warming. In case of cement manufacturing, the consumption of raw materials as well as the energy from fossil fuels is extensive.
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Our products are composed without river bed sand and hence do not damage the ecology.
  • One of the major ingredients of our product is Fly ash / bottom ash which is a main pollutant of environment. That means our product helps in reducing environmental pollution.
Material Saving
  • Since the density of all our products is lesser than cement mortar products , and since the application is in thin layers between 2 to 6 mm in most products the overall material requirements is lower ,which causes low consumption of raw materials.
  • Construction using GBP products results in light weight Construction, which ultimately causes low consumption of steel, and concrete in the construction industry.
Free form hazardous VOC and lead:
  • All the ingredients in the product are non hazardous and free from lead, mercury and any toxic volatile organic components.
  • Thus using our products is completely safe for applicators as well as occupants, and there is no harm to the nature.
Zero Discharge Products
  • There are no discharges in the manufacturing, to air water and land. Water used in cleaning is very less and also recycled and reused within the premises.
Generation of women employment and up gradation of standards

The end users of the product are the applicators who are doing the masonry work in the current construction system. Since the material is easy to apply, it is possible for lady masons too to construct the walls. Helpers who are presently generally women's can be trained & promoted to be the masons with very less efforts. Even the male helpers on site can be promoted to masons thus improving the payment scales on site, while elevating the standard of working, safety, & producing better quality work / output in less time & less effort than in the current practices.

Energy Saving
  • Since the product is ready to use, there is enormous saving of labour, time, energy, material handling on site & supervision. (Separate inventory of cement, sand, additives & water is needed in conventional practice).
  • The mason need not be supervised as no addition of any ingredient is needed on site.
  • Internal logistics on site is also saved due to one time inventory.
  • The product is smooth / soft & needs less effort to spread compared to the conventional cement mortar. It spreads like butter thus saving time & labour.
  • 50% labour saving - thus saving human power.
  • 50 % saving of time - results in faster construction.
  • Since there is no wastage of material even during application, the site remains clean.
Value Addition : Strong and lasting construction
  • All the products show excellent bonding, adhesion to the substrates.
  • he presence of optimal polymers prevents cracks thus protecting the surface from the moisture & pollutants ingress.
  • The pot life is more than 7 to 8 hours in open pot & 20 to 25 days if sealed & kept in container. This saves lot of material wastage.
  • Since the product is ready to use, involves no addition of any chemicals or water on site, it is quality controlled at production end & possibility of contamination on site is eliminate.
Value Addition Images
Value Addition Images
Saving of carbon foot print

@ 60% to 75% by material to material comparison (based on data by ICE) A 1000 sq.ft. flat or a premises has @4000sft of masonry work and @8000 sq.ft. of plastering work including internal walls and excluding openings, by thumb rule. A housing complex of say 20 floors with 4 flats on each floor will amount to @100000 sq. of floor space which means 4.00 lacs sq.ft. of masonry and 8.00 lacs sq. ft. of plastering. By studying this we can calculate roughly how much cement, sand and water can be saved (As per ICE - Inventory of carbon Energy ( Cement mortar 1:6 has embodied carbon of 0.136kgCO2/kg and 0.177 kgCO2/kg, which means manufacturing 1 ton of cement releases @ 900kg of CO2 for every 1000kg of cement produced. (As per information available in various articles and internet) That means by saving 9 tons of cement we can save 8100kg CO2 and so on.

Saving Carbon Footprint Images
Saving Carbon Footprint Images
Energy Conservation
  • Electrical requirement varies from @ 0.5 to 0.7 KWH / ton of production.
  • On site, there is no need for separate inventory of individual ingredients such as cement, sand and water which is essential in conventional practice. This saves electrical energy needed for storage & transport of water from storage to work area.
  • Human energy is saved due to onetime transport of the ready material - Separate labour & time is required to carry cement bags, sand, Gradation of sand by sieving, pre-wetting of masonry units, post curing of constructed walls, plastered walls and other additives in conventional method are eliminated, which is mandatory in case of conventional materials & process.
  • he material is light weight compared to conventional mortar, which makes the application easy, as less effort is needed to spread & apply the material.
  • Less material requirement helps in saving the precious natural materials.
Special feature which make product suitable for various conditions

All Green Build Products are tested for performance in extreme climatic conditions. All Green Build products are suitable for application in Deserts, at high altitudes, Coastal areas with high humidity. The performance of products is independent of pressure and temperature but the drying time is directly proportional the ambient humidity.

Pot Life, Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Pot Life

The pot life of all Green Build Products is substantial. Unpack the bag and take the product into a pot it can remain usable for about 6 to 8 hours, when kept in shade. In extreme temperature conditions the upper layer may get dried hard, mass is still usable.

Depending upon temperature conditions, if the upper layer loses some water, it is advisable to remove the same and use lower portion. If the remaining material which is kept in a closed container / pot, it can be reused till next 15 days.

  • Do not apply product in falling rain, submersed surfaces / construction.
  • Extended drying time in case of high humid climatic conditions.
Storage conditions

The sealed containers/ bags should be stored in shade & cool conditions.Direct exposure to sun, heat etc. is not recommended. High humid conditions are also recommended for longer shelf life.

Storage Conditions
Shelf Life

Under normal temperature conditions between 5°C to 35°C. Relative Humidity (RH) 30 to 70% Using proper storage, the shelf life of the product is 120 days.

User Benefits
  • Green Build Products are time conservative - thus resulting in faster construction which is advantageous to both the builder as well as the applicator.
  • There are no toxic emissions either at production end or at application end.
  • Green Build Products are resistant to cracks thus protecting the surface from the moisture & pollutants ingress.
  • The pot life is more than 6 to 8 hours in open pot & 20 to 25 days if sealed & kept in container / bag. This saves lot of material wastage.
  • Since the products are ready to use, and involve no addition of any chemicals or water on site, the quality controlled at production end & possibility of contamination on site is eliminated.