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Sustainability of Invention

Saving of Energy Cost Labour
  • Made from selective industrial waste, hence limited energy requirement.
  • One time inventory on site, limited internal logistics.
  • Reduces labour by 50% due to effortless application & lighter weight material and hence accelerates the construction speed
  • Due to thin bed application lesser material is required which in turn reduces the wall weight. This can help in reducing the steel quality. Thin bed joints also offer better strength and elasticity.
Eco friendly
  • Saves water : No pre wetting & post curing with water required
  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint due to absence of cement
  • Reduction in ecological footprint due to absence of riverbed sand
  • Clean construction & no material wastage due to ease in application, increased pot life and shelf life
Value addition
  • Value addition to the building due to crackfree joints and facades
  • No water / moisture ingress, no fungus / mildew and no damages due to crackfree walls
  • Negligible VOC : Non - hazardous environment for applicators and occupants
  • Social & economic upgradation for labour and generation of women employment


  • Absence of cement and riverbed sand
  • Use of industrial wastes and environmental pollutants as raw materials
  • Completely ready to use - saves internal site logistics, labour, time, energy
  • No pre wetting or post curing with water
  • Curing - by Air Drying
  • Low density - reduces the weight of mortars and consequently of walls
  • Thin layer application - saves materials
  • Extended pot life and shelf life
Sustainability of Green Construction
Sustainability of Green Construction