Green Repair Wet Mix Repair Mortar

Green Repair is an Eco friendly, self curing, wet mix repair mortar. It is a completely hassle free product as it does not need pre wetting & post curing of surface with water as in normal conditions. Green Repair – wet mix repair mortar cures by air drying, has negligible shrinkage & is compatible to a varied range of materials. It is in the form of smooth viscous paste, which can be applied with nominal efforts.

GBP Green Repair homogenized with existing material/ facade does not create any cracks at the beams/ joints/ borders of the two different materials. This wet mix repair mortar is composed of all environmental friendly materials & is non hazardous to the applicators as well as end users. It saves water too.

  1. Eco Friendly
  2. Labour Saving
  3. Energy Saving
  4. Time Saving
  5. Water Saving
  6. No Wastage of materials
  1. Better bonding strength
  2. Limited time for fast air curing
  3. No post curing with water needed
  4. Substitutes the cement sand mortar.
  5. No Cracking